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A Bunch of quantum – Part II (DRAFT)

particlewavefigure4Now we shall see how this “Wave Nature” of everything (including matter like the Electron) changed the picture of the atom previously described by Bohr.

The idea that things came from the fairly well-established belief that light seems to ACT like, or BE some kind of wave.In particular there was great curiousity as to the EXACT reasons WHY electrons chose to inhabit PARTICULAR orbits around an atomic nucleus.

Although, perhaps they should have already guessed that matter could act as waves, after all, Einstein had already stated his famous formula that E = mc2 which, in its simplest understanding says that all forms of ENERGY are essentially EQUAL to MASS (multiplied by a constant (i.e a simple mathematical number) . So if MASS is really equal to some amount of energy then its not THAT big a stretch to suggest that if Photons act as WAVES, then electrons also can act as waves.

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