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On Being Greek

Gentle Reader;

I’ve come to the opinion that life is too short. Its time to stand up in some small way and be counted.

The upshot of todays blog will be to recognize massive flaws in the way we in the West perceive things. And then invite you to participate in a more robust style of cognition known as “Greek Thinking”.

Below is an article recently sent to me by a good friend. The contents of it stuck in my craw.

Upon perusing the article, it occurred to me to ask rhetorically “Just WHO (in the hell) is the CIA,¬†or Turkey, or the IMF to utter such threats unabashedly from on high?”

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Topics to expect

Future Subjects

(In no particular order:) Academia, world politics, natural health, investments, technology, theoretical physics, futurism, psychological models, linguistics, art, medicine, lost or forgotten history, hidden knowledge, tourism and travel, law.

Latest in independent news and controversies, latest developments, ,

Feel free to make suggestions as to what other topics interest you. I will determine whether to ignore or be inspired by your suggestions depending upon whether I have any pre-existing familiarity with the topic.


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